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Web Spell Checker: Speller Pages

Speller Pages is a free, Open Source Web user interface and JavaScript library for a server-side spell check program. Available in PHP or Perl/CGI versions, Speller Pages allows you to bring the superior spelling suggestion capabilites of GNU Aspell to users of your Web site. Learn More >>

Speller Pages is hosted on SourceForge. Please visit the SourceForge Project Page for full details.

Try It Out

Test a demo of the development version of the spell checker. The current, most stable version is available for download at SourceForge.

Your feedback is appreciated! Feel free to contact the author, or rate it at hotscripts.com.

Using Speller Pages

Speller pages is really easy to integrate into your site. It's ideal for Web mail programs, message board software or Web-based content management systems - anywhere it would be handy to check the spelling of words contained in one or more HTML text inputs. All you have to do to use Speller Pages is copy the server script, HTML and JavaScript files to your Web server, and then add a little bit of JavaScript code to the HTML page that contains the input you want to have checked for spelling. Go ahead and view the HTML source of the demo page to see how simple it is; it's basically just a couple lines of code that need to be executed when you hit the "check spelling" button:


<!-- Source the JavaScript spellChecker object -->
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="spellChecker.js">

<!-- Call a function like this to handle the spell check command -->
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function openSpellChecker() {
	// get the textarea we're going to check
	var txt = document.myform.mytextarea;
	// give the spellChecker object a reference to our textarea
	// pass any number of text objects as arguments to the constructor:
	var speller = new spellChecker( txt );
	// kick it off


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